Be a part of a green future!

Energy Efficiency A-40%

The need to save energy and resources has never been more important than now. Highly aware of the natural issues, Beko offers products ranging from A energy consumption to A-40% energy consumption. Fan heating application makes it possible for multi-functional Beko ovens to save up to 40% energy than the standards outlined by“A” energy efficiency class.

More time for pleasure with self cleaning cycle!

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning

Removing greasy stains that accumulate in the oven overtime has always been a dreadful chore. Beko pyrolytic ovens save you from the trouble of scrubbing those hard-to-reach surfaces.

The 120-minute pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle burns stubborn stains to fine ash as your oven heats itself to 500 °C.
The ash can then be simply wiped away with a piece of cloth,without the need of any detergents or chemicals. For less dirty ovens, it is also possible to choose a shorter 90-minuteeco-pyrolytic cycle which saves 25% on energy consumption.

Clean with a single wipe!

Practiclean Full Glass Inner Door

Every Beko freestanding cooker is equipped with this Practiclean Full Glass Inner Door. Constructed with a full glass panel, the interior of the door is free of bolts, making it easy to clean with a single wipe.

Easy cleaning with the power of steam!

SimplySteam Cleaning™

SimplySteam CleaningTM Technology offers one of the easiest way of cleaning inside of oven. You only need is remove all the accessories from the oven, just pour the water into the tray and place your tray at the bottom level of your oven. Set the operation knob to steam cleannıng. After the cycle finished, clean the oven interior with a soft clean cloth.

Smart Solutions for Electric & Gas Cookers
Electric&Gas Cookers

Multidimensional Cooking

Provide delicious dishes without keeping your guests waiting. Beko’s advanced cooking system allows you to cook three different dishes at the same time without any odour mixing problems. Each tray has its own supply of hot air which is then drawn to the back wall where the odour particles are isolated. This system enables you to cook homogeneously with maximum efficiency, saving time and energy.

Conventional Cooking

Both upper and lower heaters operate simultaneously. Ideal for cookies, all types of pastry, or any food that needs a crispy top.


Ideal for grilling steaks, sausages, toast or fish.

Fan Cooking

The circular heater and fan allow different kinds of food to be cooked simultaneously while preventing their unique smell or flavours mixing with each other. Maximum three different recipes that require the same or similar temperature settings can be cooked at the same time.

Upper Heater+Fan

The upper heater and fan operate simultaneously, ensuring even heat distribution. Ideal when additional cooking on the surface of the dish is required.


The fan is activated to circulate air inside the oven so as to defrost food in just a few minutes.

Fan-Assisted Cooking

When used together, the fan and the upper and lower heaters provide quick cooking, which is especially ideal for baking batches of food, like biscuits.

Conventional Gas Cooking

Ideal for cookies, juicy meats, and all types of pastry. The burner located below the cavity generates the heat for cooking.

Gas Grill

The burner at the top of the cavity generates the heat for cooking. Ideal for grilling steaks, fish or browning the top of food.

Safety Features

Gas Safety for Ovens

This special device senses when flames that might occur. If the flame goes out accidentally by wind or by some kind of liquid, the gas flow automatically cuts off. The gas safety feature is standard on the oven sections of the gas cookers.

Flame Failure Device for Burners

If the flame is accidentally extinguished by wind or by overflowing liquid, the flame failure device automatically cuts off the gas supply to prevent any gas leakage.

Easy to Remove Side Racks

To make cleaning of the oven interior part easier, the side racks can be simply be detached without the need for a special tool.

Pull-out Shelf System

The extending arms of the telescopic pull-out shelf system offers easy and safe access to the cooking tray.

Catalytic Panel

The catalytic panel mounted on the back wall of the oven cavity absorbs grease and reduces odors during cooking, making it easier to clean the oven without the need for heavy-duty cleansers.

Durable Oven Door

Due to the solidity of the hinges, the door can carry a load as heavy as 22.5 kg, which is over 20% more than standard oven doors. That means you can place your fully loaded trays on the door without any further concerns.

Extra Large Capacity

When it comes to capacity, bigger is definitely better. Despite its standard dimensions, the 67,5 liter* Beko oven has among the most spacious interiors among in its class. The extra large interior provides enough room to roast a big turkey, or prepare a big feast for family and friends. It’s convenient for large families, or anybody who wants to get the most out of a Standard 60 cm width freestanding cooker. 
* For conventional cookers.

Full Size Tray

Thanks to the extra large interior, Beko oven trays are large enough to cook up to 25% more food in one go - a smart feature that makes it easier to cook large meals. In addition to its size, the 55 mm-deep tray is ideally suited for roasting or baking.

Electronic Programmer

The electronic programmer with animated display enables the user to navigate with symbols that are easy to read - even for the elderly. The display shows the selected cooking function, as well as the recommended tray level for the best cooking results.

Push-in pop-out knob

Push-in pop-out knobs not only get less dirty, it is also easier to clean the panel. This smoothness in design makes your oven more elegant.

Cast Iron Pan Supports

Enhancing the stylish and professional look of your hob, cast iron pan supports provide maximum stability enabling you to use pots and pans of any size without the risk of tilting or sliding.

Wok Burner

The high-power 3600W wok burner cooks food rapidly, without letting go its nutritional value. Heat is more evenly distributed a vt the bottom of the pan, resulting in excellent cooking performance over a shorter period. The feature is specifically designed for the wok lovers for whom time-management and joy of eating come first.

Spacious Storage Drawer

The storage compartment underneath the oven glides out easily and provides ideal space for storing oven accessories.

More time for pleasure with self cleaning cycle of Beko Pyrolytic Oven!