DC 7230
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DC 7230

  • DC 7230
Auto Anti-Creasing

Auto Anti-Creasing

This function provides ready-to-go laundry, since the gentle drum action separates the laundry and ensures that it remains crease-free.

Child Lock

Child Lock

The child lock option can be activated to prevent little fingers from playing around with the buttons and knobs.



Official partner of… I choose how dry I want my clothes

OptiSense® technology in your Beko tumble dryer optimises the drying cycle, so you don’t need to guess how long your clothes will take to dry. 3 smart sensors let you choose how dry you want your clothes and stop the dryer when that level of dryness is achieved. Damp or dry, your wish is our command.



We all love a clean, simple bathroom design - free of clutter and a feeling of space. Volumaxx™ means you get more space in your bathroom, thanks to a slimmer machine with an expanded drum. It’s 10% smaller but doesn’t compromise on the machine’s capacity. It’s available on machines with capacities of 8kg and over, so there’s still plenty of room for all those socks and shirts. It uses less energy overall too – 10% more, or less (oh, you know what we mean). Either way it’s a world-first.

General Features
Dryer Type Condenser
Drying Control Type Sensor
Tank position Bottom
Program - 4 (DR) Cotton Iron Dry
Program - 3 (DR) Cotton Cupboard Dry
Program - 1 (DR) Cotton Extra Dry
Program - 2 (DR) Cotton Cupboard Dry +
Program - 5 (DR) Synthetics Cupboard Dry
Program - 6 (DR) Synthetics Iron Dry
Program - 7 (DR) Delicates
Program - 8 (DR) Xpress
Program - 9 (DR) Shirts
Program - 10 (DR) Jeans
Program - 11 (DR) Freshen up
Program - 12 (DR) 10'
Program - 13 (DR) 20'
Program - 14 (DR) 40'
Program - 15 (DR) 60'
Product color White
Energy Efficiency Class B
Annual Energy Consumption 504.0 kWh
Side Wall Type (DR) S Form
Number of Programs (DR) 15
Display Type (DR) Led
Time Delay 3-6-9
Drum Light Bulb-Warm
Water Tank Full Indicator Yes
Filter Cleaning Indicator Yes
Capacity (kg) 7
Drum Volume (lt) (DR) 102
Woolmark No
Drum pattern (DR) w/o pattern
Auto-anticreasing Yes
Touch Button No
Child Lock Yes
Buzzer Yes
Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) 59.7 cm
Height - Unpacked (cm)(y) 84.6 cm
Weight - Unpacked 32.5 kg
Front Door Type Opaque-Circular
Steam (DR) No
Cabinet (DR) 54